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Here's what previous participants had to say...

Alicia Davies

"It’s a perfect reminder of how to use this wonderful tool that we’ve all been given."

Dave Soloway

"The course has not only been really interesting on a week-to-week basis, but has allowed me to put a structure in place to really change those things I wasn't happy with."

Tor campling

"Knowing what my values are, and living to them definitely, definitely makes me feel happier."

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A proven course, 20 years in the making

Work in Progress is a revolutionary programme designed to help you understand your brain and unlock your full potential.


With Work in Progress, you'll get new insights into how human brains work generally, and how your brain works specifically. Each week, we'll focus on a single aspect, building your knowledge and understanding as we go in 90-minute bite sized sessions. This allows you to focus on each new learning, embed new behaviour during the week, and then move on, avoiding overwhelm, gradually transforming who you are.


For ease of learning, we divided the brain into three areas:

  • brain function

  • brain inputs

  • brain outputs

In the brain function area, we'll explore the science of neuroplasticity, which shows how the brain can change and adapt throughout our lives. You'll also learn how to manage your energy effectively, develop a growth mindset, and understand the four responses that shape your behaviour.


In the brain inputs area, we'll explore how external influences - such as advertising, media, opinions, values, beliefs, biases, and boundaries – unconsciously shape the way we think and behave. You'll learn to recognise the impact of these influences on your life and develop strategies to manage them effectively.


And in the brain outputs area, we'll help you develop concrete goals, a clear vision for your future, and the confidence to communicate effectively and take action. You'll learn how to ask powerful questions, develop positive behaviours, and cultivate a sense of confidence and empowerment that will carry you forward in all areas of your life.


Throughout the programme, you'll have the opportunity to participate in interactive exercises, share your insights and learn from the insights of others who are all working on their own personal development. You'll be empowered to reach clarity on your situation, discover more choices, and make better decisions that lead to lasting transformation.


So why wait? Join us for a sample session on April 3rd and experience the power of Work in Progress for yourself. You'll discover new insights, learn practical strategies, and connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are all working towards positive change.

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