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Learning together creates deep bonds and accelerates collaboration and innovation

"Personal development is a human right, a privilege and a joy"

Research by Citrix, published in the Harvard Business Review looked at 'What your future employees want most.' 

In brief summary (follow this link for more details) employees want:

  • flexible options

  • to be measured on the value they deliver, not the volume

  • to work with a diverse team

  • to grow and hone their skills


It's this last point where we can help. A fundamental skill to learn is 'how to learn well'. The tool we use for our learning, our brain, has been a mystery for most of human existence. In many ways it still is.  For example we don't know how a memory is formed.  We know that there is chemical and electrical activity at the neuron level, but how this leads to us remembering our phone number, or our fifth birthday party, or a joke we heard cannot yet be explained.

That being said, there have been some incredible discoveries made in the past few years by leading neuroscientists and psychologists which have helped us understand human brains better.

The Work in Progress programme is not designed to be a series of scientific lectures or TED Talks, it's more of a co-created 'User Manual' of how to get the best out of your brain, and the brains of others.

That's why it's such a powerful team bonding experience. Learning how each other's minds work in ways that are both similar to ours, and different.  How to value the differences so that our own blind-spots are covered by our colleagues clear sight. 


Greater respect, collaboration and creativity can be expected from a team who understand each other at a far, far greater depth than simply by working together. 

Our current reality, as evidenced by our achievements, our relationships and our happiness, is a consequence of how our brains process the inputs they receive, in the environment we find ourselves in, together with the choices and actions that we have taken. 

Whether you want to achieve more success, improve collaboration, change the company culture, or all of these, it makes sense to go to the source, the human brain.

With 95% of our brain's activity being unconscious, we often cannot see our own blind spots and 'autopilot' behaviour and the consequences they produce. Taking learnings from the fields of neuroscience, psychology and coaching, we will explore new understandings about human beings and discover what is unique about you.

Week by week, you'll learn, participate in exercises, share your insights and understandings, create more choices and feel empowered to make improvements to your life. 

The syllabus is focused on learning about the human brain, divided into three areas:

  • Brain function

  • Brain inputs 

  • Brain outputs

Within the Brain function area we cover: Neuroplasticity, Energy management, Autopilot, Metaphor, Mindset, Thinking, Feeling and The Four Responses. 

The Brain inputs area includes: Evolution, External Influence, Opinions, Values, Beliefs, Experiences, Biases and Boundaries.

In the Brain outputs area we look at: Goals, Vision, Questions, Behaviour, Communication, Confidence and Ideas.

Each week we'll focus on a single aspect, building your knowledge and understanding as we go, so that you'll understand yourself and others better, and empower yourself to discover more choices, make better decisions, and commit to actions that lead to positive change in your life and the lives of your loved ones.


Work in Progress is run as a series of 12 x 90 minute online workshops.

The content of the programme can be tailored to meet your specific situation.

Date and times can be arranged to suit.

Each programme can contain a maximum of 12 delegates.

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The Work in Progress Programme for upto 12 delegates costs £4,500  (plus VAT)*

Cost for bespoke content quoted separately when the brief is fully understood.

Reduced rates available for Charities and NFP's.

* VAT is chargeable at the prevailing rate if invoicing a UK address.

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